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Per my recent ads in American Philatelist, German Postal Specialist and Airpost Journal, I am willing to spend between $5,000-$50,000 per collection.

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My name is Bernie Hopp.
My Side Hobby
I have been a serious life-long stamp collector!
I was born in Berlin, Germany and my collection from that country is probably my strongest.

I am
also a long time member of the American Philatelic Society (#78965), the Germany Philatelic Society (#5168) and the American Air Mail Society (#7324).

My specialized collecting interests include
Germany, Liechtenstein, France, Benelux, Austria, Italy, Zeppelin flights and Japan.

Retirement in 2008 gave me more time for my stamp hobby and I would like to expand my collection. It also gave me more time to travel. Picture above is family sailing in Oslo, Norway.
Since I retired, I have used my Germany connections to import and sell certain stamp collecting supplies on eBay®. You may have run across my eBay site.

I trade under
Mit_63. If you get a chance, click here to take a look. I sell stamp supplies only, not stamps! I am not a stamp dealer!
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